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Party Pass - KMV Relaunch Event May 19
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KMV is having a year to remember and you are invited to celebrate along with me!! I am, along with the amazing Keith Allen West , are having a celebration to launch my new products that many of you have been anxiously waiting for!! Come for a night of fun, wine drinking provided by Saint Claire's Winery, yummy food by the very talented Nohime Barba-dennisson and her company Eat Fit by Nohime, along with a surprise special guest for the entertainment from 4:30-8pm!!! You don't want to miss this night!!

And BEST OF ALL.......proceeds from all ticket sales will be given to UNMH Children's hospital which holds a special place in mine and my families heart. Party starts at 5:30, VIP tickets sold allows for a 4:30 entry, gift certificates given by KMV, free Urban Fresh half bath bombs, demonstrations and VIP treatment

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Our founder Keith Allen West gained attention for selling a retail line of bath products by leveraging the popularity of the hit television series "Breaking Bad." His product line — "Bathing Bad" — has been selling for many months, even though the filmed-in-Albuquerque series ended last year.

The Urban Fresh products include locally handmade bath goods that use Eco-friendly packaging and ingredients grown at our on-site urban farm.